Digital Marketing

KeralaSEO is my humble attempt to share and illumine my thoughts on my passion and my career - Internet marketing, otherwise called Digital marketing or Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It is not only a science, but also an art that is consistently undergoing change than any other Industry.
In the western countries, this is a very important area; as the company spends its most, to acquire potential leads and customers.

Google (the Search Engine Giant) is the main source of traffic for the majority of the customers. For any website, the free organic visitation counts for more than 80%.  Google changes its algorithm more than 500 times a year, which simply means that, the Big G fine tunes its algorithm 2-3 times a day. The users will come to know the change only if it has a great impact on majority of the websites. Mostly these changes are accompanied by a large drop / gain in organic traffic.

We are going through a time at which, the survival of companies directly depend on the online leads. It is mostly true for professionals, as well as medium and small businesses. Many resort to gain quick advantage in organic ranking using black-hat strategies. But as Google is becoming more vigilant, it is a must that every company needs to follow the ethical SEO practices and Google webmaster guidelines.
The current principle of the hour is to "Change or Die". So every company that does not accept and incorporate the digital marketing strategies to their marketing efforts will be hit hard soon or later.

Why companies cannot miss Digital Marketing for their bright future?
When I was small, I have heard a proverb - "Rome was not built in a day"
It took years to build the great Roman empire... Thousands have worked for it- to take Rome to its present glory.
And of course it took years for me too, to fully understand this proverb in the current world scenario. This is not only true in the case of the ancient city of Rome; it is true in today’s world too.
In many competitive industries such as tours, real estate etc., ranking their own websites for targeted keywords which the customer searches, is definitely not just the work of a day or month. As money flows into the industry, it requires dedicated focused efforts by professionals to take website keyword ranked to higher positions. For example, ranking the company’s website for a keyword such as “Kerala property” is tougher than ranking a keyword of less commercial intent such as “Taste of Kerala”.

Online marketing managers like me, strategize online marketing endeavors to achieve the marketing goal of the company. Our aim will be to rank higher for the targeted keywords through organic ranking or paid campaigns within the minimum cost. The leads that are driven to the website should be converted to final sales and revenue.

Hmm…The future of Digital Marketing is bright. As of now, many companies in Kerala have not yet realized this. The tourism, travel and real estate sector are a few exceptions here.  Digital Marketing should be a main source that needs to go hand in hand with the company’s offline marketing activities. And sure it will be done in the days to come!

Do let me know your thoughts, suggestions and corrections